Maths Olympiad 2016

On Wednesday the 26th of October, the whole of Kronendal Primary School took part in the Living Maths Olympiad. All the teachers were ready to hand out the challenge to the children early on Wednesday morning. So, instead of a normal Maths lesson, the children wrote a 20-mark fun-filled and brain teasing challenge (with 5 bonus questions for all, which meant that some children achieved more than 100%!).

Each Grade had a CAPS-oriented, lateral thinking paper specifically aimed at their grade. Some learners worked in pairs whilst most of Kronendal wrote as individual competitors.

The teachers in Grades 1 and 2 marked the learners’ papers, and the higher grades got to swop with their friends for the marking process. A strict memo was adhered to. Kronendal Primary had lots of fun.

The aim of the Olympiad was to promote Mathematics in a fun way, but children will also be honoured for their performance. Certificates will be given to children according to their marks: 5 – 10 (Bronze); 11 – 15 (Silver); 16 – 20 (Gold); and 21 – 25 (Platinum).

Well done, Kronendal on some fantastic results!