Kronendal Interhouse Gala

We had a very successful swimming gala last Friday. The participants gave their all and good sportsmanship came to the fore.

Congratulations to the following children who set new records.

Taylor Kreymborg Girls Under 7 freestyle 23,06 sec
Kayla Kohn Girls Under 9 freestyle 19,20 sec
Ciara Birch Girls Under 11 freestyle 16,29 sec
Kayla Kohn Girls Under 9 breaststroke 26,46 sec
Jaydon Kreymborg Boys Under 9 breaststroke 24,63 sec
Beth Goode Girls U10 breaststroke 23.39 sec
Luca Avondo Boys Under 12 backstroke 19,67 sec
Abby Anderton Girls Under 12 butterfly 17,73 sec
Matthew Kievits Boys Under 14 butterfly 16,88 sec

The following learners were awarded trophies:

Kayla Kohn – Best Junior Girl Swimmer
Jaydon Kreymborg
– Best Junior Boy Swimmer
Kyle Kreymborg – Swimmer with most talent and potential
Kyra Seiler – Victrix Ludorum
Matthew Kievits – Victor Ludorum

The winning house was Sentinel.

Back row from left to right: Kyra Seiler, Matthew Kievits, J.P. Pellissier represents the winning house, Sentinel.
Front row from left to right: Jaydon Kreymborg, Kayla Kohn, Kyle Kreymbor