Kronendal Interhouse Athletics Day

Kronendal held their annual interhouse athletics day on Saturday. The build up to the event created a healthy rivalry as the three houses, Sentinel, Disa and Leopards practised their war-cries in the week leading up to Saturday. The field was buzzing on the day with parents, learners, cheerleaders and staff participating in the cheering and friendly banter between the houses. The learners all gave it their best shot on the track and field, and even some brave parents managed to earn a point for their house when racing  in the mom’s and dad’s sprints. After an exhilarating and very hot morning in the sun, Sentinel took home the winning cup, leaving Disa in 2nd place and Leopards in 3rd place!

Two Grade 7 Sentinel boys and the school Principal holding the winners trophy. From left: Jean Pierre Pellissier, Nathan Levendal and Matthew Kievits