Kronendal Camp Out

Kronendal Primary School recently held their annual camp out on Friday 4 March. The weather played it’s part and the evening turned out to be a calm and balmy one, ideal for campers. The night’s adventure started off with the children competing in teams on a gruelling obstacle course set out on the field. The parents vs teachers’ obstacle course challenge followed soon after and was an extremely noisy and competitive affair with the children cheering wildly from the sidelines. The sounds of the James House marimba band created a relaxed and cheerful ambiance while the aroma of braaing steak and boerewors filled the air. Toasting marshmallows and singing around the campfires entertained the campers late into the evening. The following morning, campers awoke to the smell of bacon and egg rolls and Dario’s famous coffee. What a great way to spend a Friday night!

The field was transformed into a bustling camping ground.

A team of children completing the 3-legged race, which was the last leg of the obstacle course. (from left: Max Paterson, Byron Story, Joshua Stainton and Phoenix Kirkwood)