Kronendal Grade 1 Fun Day

The Kronendal Grade 1’s enjoyed a day of sun, water and fun during the annual Grade 1 Fun Day at Kronendal Primary school last Friday. The Grade 7 public relations group spent many hours planning the day which is an important rite of passage for the new addition to the Kronendal family. Various game stations were set up including an obstacle course, bobbing for apples and 2-man wheelbarrow races. The favourite station of course was the bubbly water slide where the Grade 1’s could cool off after a week of smouldering heat! What an exciting end to a busy week at ‘big school’.

from left: Gemma Osman, Nia Swift, Tayla Kreymborg, Grace Lundy, Christiana Roed

Connor Engelbrecht

From left: Emma De Beer & Angelina Nostro

Pair 1: Kayla Bradfield & Giovanni Daniels
Pair 2: Christiana Roed, Anna Mcinnes