Green Fair 2013

Beautiful sunny weather arrived just in time for the 7th annual Green Fair organized by Envirochild.

Kronendal Primary’s learners eagerly participated in the planet warrior workshops in the run up to the day. Each Tuesday for 3 months fellow Hout Bay school learners (Llandudno, Moravian, Sentinel, Ambleside and Disa) joined ours at Kronendal Primary for power packed planet warrior workshop sessions run by Envirochild’s Danielle Klaff. Our Hout Bay Children gardened, created trash for treasure, learnt new skills and basically had fun whilst learning about the value of sustainable living practices.

At the Green faire our children had a chance to show off and sell the wares they had produced at the planet warrior sales section. Some learners participated in the fashion show (modeling creations made from ‘junk’) and others participated in the talent competition.

Green products and produce were showcased by various environmentally oriented vendors. These included water saving devices, clean energy harvesting products and delicious organic vegetables and meals. All electricity used was provided by solar and wind energy and no bottled water was sold as the practice of bottling water ironically wastes water. Instead filtered water was free to everyone.  Talks were held and movies shown on ways to engage in greener sustainable living practices.

As Kronendal requires from anyone using our grounds, this was a zero waste event with Hout Bay Recycling doing the cleaning. They composted all food waste and collected recyclable waste to sell back to the manufacturing stream.

As the sun set and we packed up, it was a good feeling to know that Kronendal Primary had been part of this event that had brought people together to positively impact the environment.

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