Eco Club Exciting News

Last Friday our Eco Club members participated in the Thrive Schools Audit presentation and results afternoon. Four Grade 6 children – Byron Story, Danielle Chapman, Georgia Palmer and Max Paterson – Jones, did a fantastic powerpoint presentation showcasing what our school is doing to protect our planet and making our school ‘green’. Six Hout Bay schools take part in this initiative and the presentation is just one part of the school’s total score. We had a surprise visit from the Thrive auditors in May during which they scored us on our waste management systems, food gardens, water saving measures and electricity consumption. We were very pleased to hear that our children are making better use of the 3 bin systems and putting their rubbish into the correct bin (recycling, worm food or landfill) and that we switch lights off where we can in order to save electricity.

By the end of the afternoon, Kronendal came second, being beaten by only 1 ½ points by Hout Bay High who are doing fantastic things at their school.