Awards Assembly 2015

Kronendal had the mid year Awards Assembly on 24 June. Congratulations to all the children who received sport and academic awards. We are proud of your achievement.


Jose Jackson – for his positive attitude and consistency in Athletics
Chad Losper – for his positive attitude in Athletics
Savanna O’Brien – for amazing improvement in swimming
Kyle Kreymborg – for his positive attitude and great swimming ability
Kasper ter Burg – for being a great leader and a good example to his team as rugby captain
Sibabalwe Hloyi – for excellent leadership skills in soccer
Amava Mkuku – for her hard work and constant dedication towards hockey
Amava Mkuku – for her improvement and leadership skills in netball
Jade Irvine Smith – for being the most consistent player in netball
Ross Wichman – for his immense passion for the game of cricket. This is illustrated not only in his ability to perform in each match but to be happy for his team mates when they achieve success. Ross’ biggest asset as a young cricketer is his desire to learn and gain knowledge. Ross asks questions and implements advice coaches give him into his game.
Cormac Tredoux – for his consistency and dedication towards tennis

Jasmine Lay – for her beautifully presented work and always delivering work of a superior quality
Alisha Schuler – Nitzsche –for the consistent hard work that goes into everything she does
Romain Soula – for his mature work ethic and consistently delivering work of a high standard
Alex Stromin – for excellent achievement in Mathematics
Cormac Tredoux for consistent hard work
Savanna O’Brien  for always delivering work of a superior quality

Juliet Alexander 75,1%
Maxine Hammond – 76,5%

Beth Goode 82,5%
Jade Irvine Smith 82,9%




Diego Jacobs – for his dedication and good athletics performance
Byron Story – for showing great commitment to Athletics
Kayla Kohn – for her contribution to the U12 girls relay team, who are unbeaten
Gemma Ball – for her contribution to the U12 girls relay team, who are unbeaten
Gemma Ball – for outstanding improvement and dedication towards netball
Giorgia Mann – for her contribution to the U12 girls relay team, who are unbeaten
Jaydon Kreymborg – for his consistent performance in the pool
Max Paterson – Jones for his continual dedication towards swimming
Lubabalo Mtyobile – for being selected for Western province invitational team for the second year in a row
Ryan de Villiers – for his dedication, hard work and superb attitude towards rugby
Tendai Banda – for always having a positive attitude towards soccer
Ella Waterkeyn – for her potential in hockey and being an enthusiastic and dedicated player
Eva Saunders – for outstanding improvement in netball
Tash Gumede – for her enthusiasm towards tennis

Toiny Nikelo for understanding the value of education, striving for the highest and achieving a high academic standard.
Giorgia Mann for always giving of her best and achieving a pleasing standard


  1. Luka Hoyte
  2. Dian Vermeulen
  3. Shelly Mcleod
  4. Georgia Palmer
  5. Ryan de Villiers
  6. Gemma Ball
  7. Hannah Johnson


  1. Ethan Lawrence
  2. Ella Waterkeyn
  3. Maike Olivier
  4. Eva Saunders
  5. Emanuele Vichi
  6. Leah Vosloo
  7. Lauren Pearse
  8. Justine Braaf


Shakila Africa – for her positive attitude towards athletics
Dahlia Argue – for trying hard and being a great team player in swimming
Kai Brown – for performing consistently well in swimming
Emily Shuttleworth – for her contribution to the U12 girls relay swimming team, who are unbeaten
Thomas Ashworth – Thomas has shown excellent leadership skills and was able to grasp the finer intricacies of the captaincy such as fielding positions and bowling changes. Thomas played a massive role in the success of the team in Term 1.
Dane Fish – for his discipline towards rugby and his commitment to learning and mastering the game
Adinaan Cornelius – for his excellent sportsmanship and great soccer skills
Josephine Turnbull – for her enthusiasm, dedication and exceptional hockey skill
Naomi Taljaard – for her willingness to learn all positions in netball

Liam Birch = for working conscientiously and exemplary behaviour.
Roxie Munton =  For her impeccable behaviour and willingness to help her peers this term.
Connor Bayvel = For his constant hard work.
Blessing Nkomana = For her positive attitude and willingness to learn.
Dahlia Argue = For her outstanding attitude towards school work and willingness to help others.
Ella Jackson = for exemplary behaviour and working conscientiously.

SILVER AWARDS – for children who achieved between 75% – 79% aggregate (from lowest to highest)
Hannah Furst     =            75,23 %
Shalom Masanga =          75,48 %
Lance Metrovich =           75,55 %
Caylem Else (aka Sacke) =77,08 %
Thomas Ashworth =       77,53 %
Kai Brown            =             77,53 %
Emily Shuttleworth =      77,71 %
Marissa –Maulgue Newman =  77,99%
Alexa Loxton =                  78,08 %
Josephine Turnbull =      78,55 %
Thameenah Evans =       78,66 %
Zhara Samuels   =            79,33 %

GOLD ACADEMIC AWARDS – for children who achieved 80% and higher aggregate. These names must be ranked from lowest to highest, so you end with the person who came first in the grade
Michelle Maneya =         80,66 %
Georgia Purcell =            84,53 %
Shakila Africa     =            85,47 %



Steven Stander – for his over all athletic ability
Cole Irvine Smith – for giving of his best in swimming
Kyle Stephens – for his excellent sportsmanship and great bowling during cricket season
Alessandro Vigliottii – for his positive attitude and excellent soccer skills
Tayla Kreymborg – for her commitment and dedication towards netball


  1. Tyde Hickman
  2. Gemma Osman
  3. Tayla Kreymborg
  4. Emma de Beer
  5. Marcela Pugnalin
  6. Mia Wessels
  7. Sasha Den Breejen van den Bout
  8. Kyle Stephens


  1. Luke Kotze
  2. Ronan Pearse
  3. Nia Swift
  4. Delilah – Mae Rumble
  5. Jana van Niekerk
  6. Steven Stander
  7. Karla Blom
  8. Grace Lundy
  9. William Alexander
  10. Hanna Carew