Kronendal Primary School - Kids

Applications for admission should be made by at least 1 May of the year prior to enrolment.


Admission policy


The Governing Body of Kronendal Primary School has constituted the following Admission Policy of the school, in the belief that its provisions are consistent with:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108/ 1996.)
  • The National Education Policy Act (Act 27/1996) and any applicable policies determined in terms of this Act, including the Regulations for Admissions to Schools.
  • The South African Schools’ Act (Act 84/1996) and subsequent amendments.
  • The Western Cape Provincial School Education Act (Act 12/1997.)
  • The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (Act 3/2000.)
  • The Health and Safety Act.


It is the aim of the school to:

  1. Provide an environment where the race, culture, religion and economic standing of the individual are in no instances an impediment to his/her access to, or progress in, any aspect of school life.
  2. Make provision during the enrolment process for applicants from a variety of backgrounds, including disadvantaged backgrounds.

It is the policy of the school that:

  1. No pupil will be refused admission on grounds of race, culture, religious belief or financial circumstance, within the parameters that Kronendal Primary School is a designated co-educational school, where the medium of instruction is English (i.e. given that the School Governing body has, in its language policy, determined that the school will be a single medium school where the medium of instruction is English, learners admitted to the school need to be sufficiently proficient in English so as not to prejudice their ability to progress academically.)
  2. Any pupil admitted to the school is admitted to the total school programme, and will not be suspended from classes, denied access to cultural, sporting or social activities of the formal school programme on the grounds of an inability by his/her parents to meet the required school fees.

Entry age

In accordance with education department policy, learners may be enrolled for Grade 1 at 5 years of age, turning 6 by 30 June. For admission, the learner’s age for entry into any grade should not exceed the Grade +6. The age of the learner should not exceed two years above or below the chronological average age of the Grade.

Class size

The School Governing Body has determined that the optimal class size is up to 30 learners per class. The Governing Body employs additional Teachers and Class Assistants and restricts new applicants to ensure that this objective is met.

Pre-school Reception attendance.

Valley Pre-Primary is Kronendal Primary’s “feeder school”, and children from Valley Pre-Primary will be given preference for enrolment in Grade 1. All applicants that did not attend Valley Pre-Primary will undergo a screening test to determine their school readiness. This test will be administered by the school.

Place of residence

The learner should be a resident in the Hout Bay area.

Language of tuition

English is the medium of instruction at Kronendal. Learners admitted to the school need to be sufficiently proficient in English so as not to prejudice their ability to progress academically at the school. Multilingualism is promoted at the school with Afrikaans and Xhosa being offered by qualified teachers. Our Xhosa teacher is a mother-tongue speaker of Xhosa, appointed by the School Governing Body.

Gender balance

Kronendal Primary is a co-educational school, and the School Governing Body reserves the right to maintain the gender balance in each grade.

Special Needs

The amount of support that a learner with special needs requires (based on an assessment where this is indicated) will be taken into consideration in relation to the school’s available resourcing. Full disclosure regarding all educational and special needs requirements previously identified, including previous assessments and reports, must be made during the application process.


An advance on the next year’s school fees of R2000 must accompany the application. Should the learner leave the school, a full terms’ notice must be given to avoid being liable for the school fees for the “notice” term. Parents must agree to pay the school fees as per the resolution adopted by a majority of parents attending the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the Kronendal Primary School Constitution.

Both parents must indicate their agreement by signing the application form.  In the case of divorced / separated parents, it is the responsibility of the parent applying at the school to obtain a signed copy of the application form from their divorced / separated partner. If parents are deceased or unknown, the legal guardian needs to fulfil the duties and undertakings envisaged above and supply the relevant documentation in support of their role as legal guardian. To reduce the burden on full fee paying parents, the amount of fee relief granted to parents in financial distress will be kept to a manageable level, and reviewed annually.

Fee reductions may be made available by the School Governing Body after considering a complete set of financial information supplied by the parents.  Applications for fee reductions will not be considered unless ALL the required documentation has been completed and submitted.


Kronendal Primary reserves the right to interview prospective learners and their parents and / or legal guardians. Learners whose parents or legal guardians do not make themselves available for an interview by the school will not be considered for admission.

If a learner’s competence in English, school readiness, or ability to make progress in a mainstream school is in question, Kronendal Primary School reserves the right to request that a comprehensive educational assessment be conducted to determine whether the Governing Body’s admission criteria can be met.


Where a process of selection has to be applied as a consequence of the number of applicants exceeding the number of available places in the school or grade for which application is made, applicants will be considered and placed in the following order, except where placement in the School would not be in the best interests of the learner concerned:

  1. Applicants who reside in Hout Bay.
  2. Applicants who have English as a first language, or who are proficient in English.
  3. Applicants whose proven record is such that they are clearly willing and able to benefit educationally and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the school’s educational programme.
  4. Applicants age with respect to the Grade norm.
  5. Applicants language or other special needs requirements, with regard to the schools capacity to adequately provide these educational needs.
  6. Applicants who are siblings of current pupils and/or immediate past pupils of Kronendal.
  7. Applicants who are sons/daughters of alumni of the school.
  8. All other applicants.

In the case of Grade 1 applicants, the criteria below will be considered in addition to the above:

  1. Applicants who are currently enrolled for Grade R at our feeder school – Valley Pre-Primary.
  2. Applicants turning 7 in Grade 1 will be given preference.
  3. Applicants who are currently enrolled for Grade R at another recognised Pre-School.
  4. Applicants are deemed to be school ready by the school.


  1. The Application form must be completed and returned to the school together with the fee advance and declaration of preparedness to pay the fees or complete application for a fee reduction.  A copy of the learner’s latest available school reports and/or the pre-primary school principal’s signed certification of school readiness (in case of Grade 1 applicants) must accompany the application. Please see list of additional documentation required (e.g. birth certificate, as below).
  2. The application is screened for eligibility in terms of the criteria (above).
  3. All non-Valley applicants for Grade 1 are to be screened for school readiness. This is to be arranged by the school.
  4. Should a scholastic assessment be necessary, this will be brought to the attention of the parents.
  5. The learner and the parent(s)/guardian(s) are interviewed. In considering applications, a potential learner will be expected to convince the school that she/he is able to cope academically with the specific pressures and unique demands of the school, and it will be a condition of final acceptance that an applicant must have passed the grade immediately below the grade into which admission is sought.
  6. Where an application is successful, the parent(s) / guardian(s) will be asked to complete a Contract of Enrolment, and the process taken further.
  7. Where an application is unsuccessful the Headmaster will inform the parent(s) / guardian(s).  Reasons for such refusal will be given on request.

List of documentation required

  1. Application form signed by both parents / legal guardian and Pre-primary school principal certifying school readiness (in case of Grade 1 applicants).
  2. Proof of guardianship, if applicable.
  3. Certified copy of birth certificate.
  4. Immunisation certificate.
  5. Certified copy of most recent school report (in case of all applicants beyond Grade 1).
  6. Declaration of preparedness to pay the full school fees, or all documentation pertaining to an application for a Fee Reduction. (Obtainable from the school secretary).
  7. Resident Permit or Study Permit for non-South African applicants.

Note that no applications will be accepted unless all the required documentation and copies of certificates are submitted, advance fees paid, and at least one parent or legal guardian makes him / herself available for an interview at the school.