A raised pedestrian crossing on Andrews Road has been approved by the City of Cape Town as a traffic calming measure to protect children crossing between Kronendal Primary School and its feeder school Valley Pre-Primary School.

The improvements have come about after Kronendal Primary School lobbied the City of Cape Town for traffic calming measures near the school, where learner safety has been a concern for some time.

Earlier this month the water main, near the main entrance to the school burst, flooding the road, washing away tar and creating large potholes.

The incident caused such chaos during the peak time traffic that the Kronendal principal, Nathan Levendal and Grade 5 teacher, Jerome Daries, were seen wading bare-footed through rushing water to guide parents and children to safety. This was the second time this term that the same water main had burst.

Council promptly repaired the water mains but the road was only provisionally repaired. Seeing an opportunity the school governing body (SGB) approached Council to incorporate the traffic calming measures with the road repair plans.

“After a meeting with the City, we have managed to negotiate that they will install the long-awaited raised pedestrian crossing between Kronendal Primary School and Valley Pre-Primary at the same time as the road gets repaired,” said SGB chairman Mark Nitzsche.

Construction of the raised crossing will take place during the September school holidays (weather permitting), to minimise traffic congestion in Andrews Road.

“We wish to thank the City of Cape Town for the co-operation they’ve shown in constructing the raised pedestrian crossing. This will go a long way to making the road safer for learners of Kronendal Primary School and Valley Pre-Primary School when crossing this busy street,” said Principal Levendal.

Residents in the area are asked to exercise patience while the road safety improvements are implemented.