• Back row from left to right: Kyra Seiler, Matthew Kievits, J.P. Pellissier represents the winning house, Sentinel.
Front row from left to right: Jaydon Kreymborg, Kayla Kohn, Kyle Kreymbor

    Kronendal Interhouse Gala

    We had a very successful swimming gala last Friday. The […]

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  • Two Grade 7 Sentinel boys and the school Principal holding the winners trophy. From left:  Jean Pierre Pellissier, Nathan Levendal and Matthew Kievits

    Kronendal Interhouse Athletics Day

    Kronendal held their annual interhouse athletics day on Saturday. The […]

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  • Sebastian Oliver, Coral Andersson, Douglas De jonck and Juliet Stromin helping each other to cross the wire.

    Kronendal Grade 7 Camp

    A very excited group of Grade 7’s left school on […]

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